We are developing "BLIND DESCENT"


Blind Descent immerses players in a thrilling survival adventure within the depths of the Martian underground, offering co-op up to four players. Your mission: locate the missing pioneer team. However, your descent takes a disastrous turn as your elevator plummets into a ten-mile-deep Martian cave.

Now, stranded in this colossal subterranean realm, you must battle the odds to stay alive. The sole path to return to the surface demands you explore the deepest, most foreboding corners of this vast underground world.


Pokuch is a young game development studio based in Turkey, working on its first title: Blind Descent. Our goal is to create games with unique concepts, a strong artistic direction, and engaging gameplay.

Currently, we’re in the midst of team expansion and engaged in discussions with potential publishers and investors to secure the necessary funding. If you have an interest in joining our team or exploring publishing and investment opportunities for “Blind Descent,” don’t hesitate to contact us.


For any inquiries please email